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GRENE HOMES™ by Emilygrene Corp.

Grene Homes™ by Emilygrene Corp. is your smart home solution. Make life simpler with cutting edge smart technology from industry leading brands, designed and installed by your Emilygrene Corp. experts. Take your new or existing home to the next level.

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  • “Working with Emilygrene Corp. has been a delightful, streamlined and rewarding process. The team identified surprising energy and cost savings that reduced our net operating expenses and increased our building value. They helped audit our building, procured utility rebates and handled all design and installation. Impressive energy solutions partners!”

    Debra Pond – Property Manager, Trigild Inc.

  • “We’ve seen a significant decrease in energy consumption since the implementation of the Emilygrene Corp. LED lighting project at our Dallas Hotel. The savings represent 13% of our utility expense from the previous year. [The team] surpassed our expectations and we are equally excited about reducing our maintenance budget.”

    Gus Aswad – Intercontinental

  • “The Emilygrene Corp. advanced lighting control system gave our team campus wide control of our lighting. Through lighting design, task tuning, on/off motion control, and daylighting, we shed 70% of our lighting related load. We also increased light levels and gave employees individual control further increasing our savings.”

    Thayne Thomas – Panasonic Avionics

  • “The Emilygrene Corp. team is a valued partner and we continue to utilize their services for our properties across the country. Their focus on client satisfaction, safety and system performance sets them apart from their piers in the industry.”

    Len Verner – Honeywell

  • “Emilygrene Corp. has taken the complex world of energy efficiency and simplified it in easy to understand financial metrics. The project solved many of our existing lighting issues while delivering strong utility savings.”

    Chris Mordoff – Mohawk Western Plastics

  • “Energy efficiency is a good business decision. Working with Emilygrene Corp. is an even better business decision.”

    Mark Krasovec – GEMSA

  • “From initial design through project installation, Emilygrene Corp. has proven to be an excellent choice for our energy efficiency projects. Their team members have been thorough from start to finish and I would recommend them to any company looking to improve facility operations through energy efficiency.”

    Dave Hoover – WePackItAll

  • “Big congratulations to Emilygrene Corp.! The installation team did a fantastic job on this retrofit with virtually no bumps or tenant issues (working graveyard, no less). Even better, we pulled this off two weeks before the rebate program expired. Our sincerest thans for your professionalism and the above and beyond effort of everyone involved.”

    Stephanie Mathis – Sr. Project Manager, The Muller Company


Ready to go G-R-E-N-E? Well, go Emilygrene. Obviously.

Keep 2018 going strong! We are proud to offer a full range of clean energy design, retrofit, and maintenance options, including: our “Power of Three” all-in-one service solution, Emilygrene Financial, and our residential Grene Homes® smart house program. 

Learn more about our “Greener Together” community outreach initiative and sign up for our “Now.” green energy mailer. We are clean energy because we are constantly changing and growing to save time, money, and energy for businesses and households nationwide.

Join us as we set out to redefine clean energy, educate our communities, install cutting-edge technology, and make a difference. Our goal is not only to promote “going green,” but to provide the simplest, most affordable, industry leading solutions available.