About Emilygrene Corp.

An industry leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

Emilygrene Corp. combines smart building technologies, finance, and accounting excellence, with implementation expertise to help customers across the country reduce energy related expenses. Our solutions improve the look, comfort and value of our customers portfolio all while providing significant Return on Investments (ROI). Our team of experts range from finance professionals and engineers, to construction technicians. We understand the balance that is struck between short and long term investment strategies and how to deliver the most economical and performance based system for your portfolio of facilities.

Commitment, versatility, and transparency in serving diverse sectors are only part of what sets us apart from others. What truly differentiates our team is our seamless collaboration and integration with our clients and our ability to manage projects from concept to completion and into full operation. Working together is what makes our team so successful.

As an unbiased expert in clean energy technologies our team members can recommend products that are in the best interest of our clients. Our customized solutions are tailored to meet the financial and environmental needs of our customers. It should be no surprise that this approach has helped us secure business with some of the largest organizations in the country.

As a certified CALCTP Controls contractor we are helping redefine the relationship between our customers and their utility providers through the use of smart building controls. Our control solutions allow our customers to monitor and verify the savings from their projects while task tuning lighting systems, controlling HVAC and plug load systems.


  • C10 Electrical Contractor
  • CALCTP Approved Contractor
  • CALCTP Acceptance Test Technician
  • Title 24 Expert
  • Headquarters in Southern California
  • 50+ Utility Partners
  • $50 million in utility incentives procured for customers
  • 500 million sqft of projects completed