Grene Homes™ by Emilygrene Corp. provides cutting edge smart home technology to homeowners and residential developers nationwide. Make life simpler by turning your home into a Grene Home.

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Grene Homes™ by Emilygrene Corp. is a specialized program dedicated to integrating smart home technology for new and prospective homeowners. Our all-in-one enhanced service suite comprises expert consultants, cutting edge technology, quality installation, and reliable customer service. We are your professional smart home solution.

Working with a Grene Homes™ expert consultant guarantees you are on the right track to transforming your home into a connected ecosystem. The foundation of any smart home is connectivity. From lighting controls, security and surveillance, and network technology, to home theater systems, integrated appliances, and voice commands – we have you covered.

Why turn your home into a Grene Home? First, efficiency. Whether it be controlling the temperature, running power over ethernet, or eliminating inefficient electronic devices, your home will now save you both energy and money. Second, convenience. Turn off your lights, lock your doors, monitor your household internet all from convenient apps that give you peace of mind.

Smart home technology may seem confusing. We are here to make it simple. Schedule an appointment with one of our Grene Homes™ consultants today to learn more about each area of our comprehensive smart home line of products and to answer all your burning questions about this exciting opportunity. You can also download our Grene Homes™ brochure highlighting the most popular products for smart homeowners.

Be sure to check back for our Grene Homes™ catalogue coming soon!

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Expert Consultants

Our Grene Homes™ expert consultants work with you one-on-one to help you design your very own smart home. Schedule an appointment today to meet either at-home or at our headquarters in Glendora, California. We discuss your smart home goals, answer your questions, and help you select which products will turn your goals into a reality.

Each of our consultants are trained experts with years of experience to make your time with us comfortable and worthwhile. With no sales pitch and no obligation to buy, your assigned consultant will make suggestions and create a customized plan so you can feel confident in whichever decision you make. Take control of your home with Grene Homes™ by Emilygrene Corp. at your side.

Cutting Edge Technology

Your smart home relies on the best possible technology to function at its highest level. We have worked with industry leading brands to narrow down which products provide the most for your investment.

Explore our full line of smart home devices and accessories, and discover with your assigned Grene Homes™ consultant which products match your customized design. We guarantee our brands and products will seamlessly integrate with your smart home system.

User-friendly interfaces make your life simpler – no difficult tutorials, no long instruction manuals. Your home is now in your hands and has never been easier to use.

Quality Installation

If you decide to move forward with your customized plan, our team is ready to take care of the rest. We coordinate delivery and installation using our experienced technicians to upgrade your home on time and to satisfaction.

We will assess your home prior to installation to troubleshoot any possible issues and ensure each product is implemented and programmed exactly as specified. Pre-construction homes can take advantage of our pre-wire options including category and coax cabling prior to final construction that enable your smart home from day one.

We make sure your home works for you.

Reliable Customer Service

Customer service is what sets us apart from the rest. We believe that you should feel confident in your investment. Our Emilygrene Cares packages make sure your home is taken care of long after installation.

We offer 24/7 customer service online or over the phone. Schedule an at-home visit to diagnose and repair any unforeseen snags, and ask about our warranty options to replace components that have been broken or damaged.

Your smart home is more than a one time investment. We stay with you as long as you need us. Technology is constantly growing and changing, and problems can happen when you least expect them. Our Emilygrene Cares team can assess any issue, suggest necessary repairs, and get your home back up and running without any delay.