Client Engagement

Understand your energy savings program with our step-by-step approach.

We help our clients meet their energy savings goals. By keeping clients involved in the energy monitoring process, they are able to see their programs deliver the promised returns.

Continuous Commissioning of Savings

On-going process of optimizing
energy savings

Dedicated Team of Experts

Committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction

Service and Maintenance

Ensure trouble free operations and peak preference of energy consuming assets

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Talk to an Emilygrene Corp. specialist about your facility today and see how you can start saving money and help reduce your carbon footprint.

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Clients are able to view energy savings and financial figures through specially designed company dashboard.

Fault Verification

Specific checks and balances are implemented in order to identify any system behavior that may cause downtime and resource waste.


While in-house operators can monitor system performance through our monitoring services, our technicians are available for all types of maintenance matters, including inspections and testing.

Project Performance Analytics

Special reporting will be available for clients to review performance and determine long-term goals.